Augen Ópticos

Ophthalmic lenses

Socially responsible with the environment

Augen Optics is a national leader in the manufacture of optical resin ophthalmic lenses. Our presence means: local supply and punctual service.

For more than 25 years we have provided the optical industry with the best materials and excellent quality lenses.

Thousands of lenses are processed monthly in the Augen Labs network of laboratories and in the main optical chains in the country. We export 70% of our production to the US, Brazil, China and Israel.

Our manufacturing technology makes our production methods more flexible and minimizes environmental pollution.

Based on NURBS (non-uniform rational Bspline) technology, our spherical, double spherical and progressive lens designs are manufactured and replicated with the highest accuracy. Optical optimization programs developed in our engineering department, complemented by Free Form technology, are used in the production of glass molds.

Freeform molds

60% of the production of our molds is exported to the top lens manufacturing companies.

We use raw materials sourced from Japan, Germany, Italy and the United States, ensuring the quality and precision of all our products.

Three million eye glasses

to school-age children

In the last 10 years we have manufactured and delivered more than 3 million glasses to school-age children, directly contributing to the better school performance of Mexican children.

We support social programs with the manufacture of frames for children and with the processing of their prescription lenses.