Superior Strength, Optics and Comfort

Trivex is the flagship material for the Augen Optics product line, as it uniquely provides the complete package of optical quality, lightweight comfort, strength and protection – the critical performance characteristics required in everyday living.

  • High Abbe value of 45 for crisp, clear optics
  • Comparable to polycarbonate in strength
  • Up to 16% lighter weight than 1.67 index and polycarbonate
  • Thinness comparable to 1.67 index and polycarbonate
  • Free of internal stress for easier processing in rimless frames
  • Resistant to household chemicals, protecting lenses from damage
  • 100% UVA and UVB blockage

  Optical Quality Strength / Durability Light Weight Thinness
Standard Plastic (CR-39™) X      
Polycarbonate   X X X
High Index X     X

Ideal for rimless styles
Because of its strength and flexibility, Trivex is the ideal option for popular rimless (drill mount) and semi-rimless (supra) frame styles.  The robustness of Trivex is unmatched by any other lens material.

A perfect fit for children’s glasses
With Trivex material, children get both impact resistance and great optical performance.  Lenses made with Trivex meet some of the optical industry’s highest standards for impact resistance –without compromising visual performance for reading or schoolwork.

Augen High Definition Lenses in Trivex

Augen HD Single Vision Lenses (Finished & Semi-Finished)

Trinity® 8/12 Short Progressive

Trinity® 13/17 Progressive

Trinity Spacia™ Progressive

- Augen Flat-top 28 (Semi-Finished)


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