Transitions® VI
Convenience, Comfort and Protection

Augen High Definition lenses in original Transitions VI  photochromic quickly adapt between indoor and outdoor conditions, offering a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.

  • Change from clear indoors to dark outdoors
  • Clear as an ordinary clear lens indoors and at night
  • Moderate tint in low light
  • Very dark in bright sunlight
  • Block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • Available in Gray and Brown tints

Quick response to UV light
Transitions lenses begin to darken the moment they are exposed to the sun’s UV light, reaching 70% tint within 35 seconds.  When UV rays are no longer present, the lenses immediately begin to fade back, achieving 70% clear in just a few minutes.

Excellent sun lens alternative
The level of tint achieved outside in bright sunlight is equivalent to many sunglass lenses sold today.  Unlike regular sun lenses, the performance of Transitions lenses is dynamic, providing just the right amount of tint at any moment.  Indoors, Transitions lenses quickly fade to clear, allowing wearers to go about their daily activities without changing eyeglasses or even thinking about the need for protection.

Premium High Definition Lens Package
The unique combination of Augen High Definition Lenses, Trivex impact-resistant material and Transitions VI photochromic provides an unbeatable premium lens package that delivers outstanding optics and overall performance.

Augen Lenses in Trivex Transitions VI

Augen HD Single Vision Lenses (Finished & Semi-Finished)

Trinity® 8/12 Short Progressive

Trinity® 13/17 Progressive

- Augen Flat-top 28 (Semi-Finished)


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