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Originally created for military applications, Augen NXT sunlenses are produced with Trivex, an advanced urethane based polymer that overcomes the limits of other lens materials, providing superior lightness, strength and vision.

Light Translation Technology
lenses are powered by Light Translation Technology, an amazing combination of revolutionary material and light-control techniques that enhance clarity, improve detail and protect vision in all light conditions.

Contrast Control
Every NXT lens is engineered to produce a specific spectral curve that optimizes transmittance across the entire light spectrum. Far more than a cosmetic characteristic, the color of an NXT lens is a critical component that filters light at different wavelengths to enhance the visual experience by controlling contrast, color and definition.

NXT Polarized:  Glare Control
Blinding glare is created when light is reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces such as roadways, water and snow.  NXT polarized lenses enhance the visual experience with revolutionary polarization techniques that control glare with precision and accuracy.

NXT Photochromic:  Dynamic Brightness Control
NXT Varia™ photochromic lenses respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint from lighter to darker.  Instead of a static sun lens that’s either too dark or too light, NXT Varia photochromic lenses enhance the visual experience by dynamically controlling transmittance, allowing them to translate light in any condition for maximum comfort and performance.

Augen NXT® Sun Lenses

  • NXT Single Vision Fixed Tints – Brown, Grey, Green
  • NXT Single Vision Photochromic – Brown, Grey, Copper, Day-Night
  • NXT Single Vision Mirror Tints – Silver, Gold
  • NXT Single Vision Polarized – Grey, Brown
  • NXT Single Vision Polarized Photochromic – Grey, Brown


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