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AugenSOL 1.50 Photochromic
A New Brand of Photochromic Performance

AugenSOL is a 1.50 index optical lens material with photochromic cells embedded throughout the material resin.  As the surface of the lens wears thin, new photochromic cells are activated to replace those that might be lost though cleaning or everyday wear, giving wearers long-lasting, reliable photochromic performance.

AugenSOL Photochromic Lenses combine the excellent optical characteristics of 1.50 hard resin with the superior protection of proven light-sensitive and UV-filtering photochromic technology, including 100% blockage of UVA and UVB rays on both front and back lens surfaces.

The optical performance of AugenSOL photochromic material is comparable to 1.50 hard resin. However, its low specific gravity makes AugenSOL material lighter weight than hard resin, resulting in more comfortable lenses.


Sunlens dark in just 12 seconds

AugenSOL Photochromic Lenses quickly change from clear to dark outdoors in just 12 seconds, and fade quickly from dark to clear indoors in approximately two minutes.

Color Stability
Extremely fast activation with no hysteresis (lag effect) ensures color stability in both activated and fading states.

Uniform gray color

AugenSOL Photochromic Material exhibits a uniform gray tone throughout the activation process, with consistency across the lens and from lens to lens.  Because AugenSOL is a fused material with photochromic cells throughout the lens, a darker lens color is perceived in the activated state – nearly as dark as a sun lens.

Augen Lenses in AugenSOL™ Photochromic

HD Single Vision

Trinity® 13/17 Progressive

- Bifocal Flat Top 28




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