AugenSOL Photochromic Lenses
A New Brand of Photochromic Performance

Introducing AugenSOL 1.50 Photochromic Lenses, a unique combination of premium Augen High Definition lens design technology and the most advanced photochromic hard resin optical material available today.

AugenSOL Photochromic Lenses provide outstanding, reliable light-sensitive performance with greater stability in higher temperatures and more efficiency in cold and hot weather.

  • Get dark exceptionally fast outdoors – nearly sun lens dark in just 12 seconds
  • Provides 100% UVA / UVB protection on both front and back lens surfaces
  • Extra-dark tint rivals the light protection offered by sun lenses
  • Fades more quickly to barely noticeable tint indoors for clear, translucent lenses

Available in HD Single Vision, Trinity® 13/17 Progressive and Bifocal Flat Top 28 lens designs.

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Superior UV Protection
AugenSOL Photochromic Lenses integrate UV-filtering cells throughout the lens material. Rather than filtering only incident radiation, AugenSOL blocks ultraviolet light on both front and back lens surfaces, eliminating 100% UVA and UVB radiation during both light transmission and reflection.

The photosensitive homogenous mix of optical resin and photochromic material offers advantages over older technologies in UV protection, as UV filtration is complete on all lens surfaces.

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