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What does “high definition” mean to the consumer?  Most consumers look for improved clarity, better resolution, widescreen vision, and higher quality in HD products – from TVs to lenses and cameras. In lenses, HD characteristics as defined by the consumer are not determined by back-surface free form processing, but by the quality of the lens design itself – in combination with the lens material.

Augen High Definition Lenses® are designed to fully meet the “high definition” expectations of the consumer, with patented aspheric front surface optical designs applied to advanced material substrates like Trivex® to ensure maximum clarity and light transmittance.

This combination of advanced aspheric design and optically pure material delivers wide, clear, natural vision – characteristics that cannot be provided by a “high definition” lens with an average design, or in an optically impure material like polycarbonate.

Free form technology further enhances lens quality by overcoming many of the traditional manufacturing limitations that could result in small, unintended alterations of the lens design. The key benefit of free form manufacturing is the capacity to produce lenses with tremendous accuracy of curve power, delivering the lens design exactly as intended by the designer.

All Augen High Definition Lenses are created from molds produced with our proprietary free form process, ensuring each lens product delivers the exact high definition characteristics intended by our design team.

Augen High Definition Lenses:

Augen HD Single Vision Lenses

Trinity 8/12 Progressive

Trinity 13/17 Progressive

Trinity Spacia Progressive


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