Augen Aspheric / Double Aspheric Technology
A New Approach to Aspheric Design

Modern aspheric semi-finished lens blanks are rotationally symmetrical – that is, within a base curve there is only one amount of asphericity and it is the same in all meridians for all prescriptions for which the lens blank is intended.  Therefore, prescriptions with cylinder corrections (for astigmatism) have only one meridian corrected by the asphericity.

For patients with astigmatism, the resulting areas of clear vision are improved most significantly in the sphere power meridian of the prescription.  The cylinder meridian would not have the correct asphericity due to the difference in power, and the field of clear vision in that meridian would be reduced when compared to the sphere meridian.

Augen HD Single Vision lenses incorporate patented aspheric/double aspheric design technology that aspherizes the power in the cylinder meridian as well as the sphere meridian.  This improves the field of clear vision in both meridians, giving the full range of single vision wearers the same excellent quality of vision, including those with high prescriptions.

Augen patented aspheric / double aspheric lenses compensate for both cylinder and sphere power

  • Aspheric lens optimized for Rx’s with no or low cylinder (up to -0.50D cyl)
  • Double Aspheric lens optimized for Rx’s with high cylinder (from -0.75D cyl)
  • No need to specify – the appropriate lens is determined by patient Rx

True high definition performance
All Augen High Definition Lenses® feature our patented Augen Aspheric / Double Aspheric technology, delivering the improved clarity and widescreen vision that consumers expect in a ‘high definition’ product.

Our patented aspheric front surface designs are created from molds produced with our proprietary free-form process, ensuring each lens delivers the exact high definition characteristics and quality intended by our design team.


Augen Lenses with Aspheric / Double Aspheric Technology:

Augen HD Single Vision Lenses

Trinity 8/12 Progressive

Trinity 13/17 Progressive

Trinity Spacia Progressive


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