1.67 MR-10 High Index
Ultra-Thin Lenses for Greater Comfort

Augen Optics offers spherical single vision lenses in 1.67 MR-10 High Index to satisfy high-prescription lens wearers seeking thin, lightweight lenses without compromising strength and durability.

Superb optical quality
The high refractive index and high Abbe number for 1.67 MR-10 lenses ensure optical performance similar to glass lenses.  The glass-mold casted MR-10 lenses show minimal stress and strain, providing optical quality that is superior to injection molded polycarbonate lenses.

Superior strength and durability

  • High impact and static load resistance helps promote eye safety
  • Good tensile strength for fashionable rimless frames
  • Easy to process precision designed progressive lenses
  • Good weatherability ensures minimal change in lens color after years of usage
  • Good compatibility with coating materials

Physical Properties

Refractive Index:
Abbe Number:
Heat Distortion Temp. (°C):

Augen Lenses in 1.67 MR-10 High Index
Augen 1.0 Single Vision Spherical



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