Augen Tec

10 years of innovation

More than a decade of continuous improvements in optical engineering has resulted in innovation in our optical lens production processes, achieving better performance from each of our equipment.

Based on this, we designed the first comprehensive ophthalmic lens surfacing system for laboratories.

Free Form Surface Generator

Precision surface generator, with a patented pivoting system, which cancels all vibration of the cutting mechanism. Based on NURBS technology (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) for Free Form surfaces, unique in the world.

Freeform polishers without mold

The ideal complement for a Free Form surface. A polisher without molds that adapts to each surface to be processed. It offers very short polishing times and reduces the consumption of the process's own supplies.

Laser engraving and lens personalization

The automatic marking laser, necessary for the manufacture of free-form progressive lenses, and also used to personalize each lens of an eyeglass.

Blocking system

An alloy metal lens blocker equipment, with minimum alloy thickness and low temperature, which prevents deformation and shortens the cooling time of the lens to be processed.

LMS Communication

A Laboratory Management Software (LMS) that communicates with each equipment and coordinates the production process.

Transfer channels

Transfer ring for the services (RX) to be manufactured, which organizes a constant flow of production, gives order, flexibility and space to the entire laboratory process.